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How to learn Quran fast?

As Muslims, our most valuable asset is the Holy Quran, a gift to mankind to guide them to the truth. It is considered as a spiritual and material guide for individuals as well as for the community.

Several hadith and Quranic references point out the importance of the Quran for us. Because the Quran is the most important asset, every Muslim considers it their foremost duty to learn the Quran.

Allah has made the Quran easy for us to learn. Even when it is easy already, certain ways of learning can make learning for the Quran faster. The Holy Quran is divided into 114 chapters, each of which is called a Surah.

Each Surah consists of several verses known as ayahs. To learn the Quran, you need to begin learning the ayahs. There are a few ways in which the learning of the Quran can be made easy. We shall see how this can be done.

Making Quranic learning fast and easy:


Parents sending their students to learn Quran expect them to be done as soon as possible, but before moving on to the learning stage, one must know the basics of tajweed.

With the rules of tajweed at hand, you can learn the Quran with ease. Here are a few ways to learn Quran fast.




1. making use of the latest technology:

One of the most efficient ways to learn the Quran fast today is to make the best use of the latest technology available. From online colored tajweed Quran to recordings of the recitation, these modern ways provide easy access to Quran learning. For those who are not aware of the basics of Quranic tajweed, they can make use of tajweed Quran, which can easily be used online. The learning will not be restricted to the class alone.

Students can access the recordings of their teachers in an hour throughout the day. Moreover, there are online Quran classes that students can make use of while staying in the comfort of their homes. Hence, one quick and effective way of learning the Quran fast will be to make use of the latest technology that is available.

There are also many Quran learning apps that can help you in the online Quran learning process and make it easier for you to learn Quran fast and quickly. Some of them are 

  • myquran
  • Quran Majeed
  • Quran memorizer pro
  • iQuran
  • Quran plus etc.

2. proceed by memorizing one Ayah at a time to learn Quran fast:

If you aim to learn the Quran fast, an effective way is to proceed by memorizing ayahs one by one.

For best memorization, you will be needing a quiet place, away from all distractions such as TV and computers. Take out 20 mins from every day and practice learning a new ayah to eventually learn the whole Surah.

As you begin, the best option will be to start with your favorite ayah, an ayah that you feel a strong connection with, as it will serve as a good motivation for you to keep going.

To get a better motivation, it’s also better to understand the meaning of the ayah before you memorize it. With these little steps combined, you will proceed from reading a single ayah to a surah, to a chapter and finally the Quran in a short while.

Nevertheless, be consistent even if it is a little every day. Set an alarm of a particular time each day when you will leave all work and learn the ayah. With a little consistency and continuous effort, you will be able to learn Quran fast.

3. Reading aloud and in front of others:

As we mentioned earlier, Allah has made the Quran easy for His people to memorize. With a quiet place, a copy of the Quran and an audio recitation guide, start by reciting the ayah in a loud voice.

Repeating it aloud and repetitively will set the ayah in your mind, and you will memorize it. Read it aloud five to six times and then recite what you learned without looking at the page or screen.

Wherever you are stuck, you can look at the Quran. The best way of learning the Quran in the right way is to read it out to someone who has learned it already. We all make mistakes, and to err is human nature.

Hence, the Quran can be learned faster and better when it is read aloud as your own voice helps you memorize the ayahs and, ultimately, the whole Quran.

4. Repetition:

Repetition is the most important part of learning. To learn the Holy Quran faster, students must repeat the ayahs time and again until they are memorized and even after that. The ayahs which are repeatedly recited are less likely to be forgotten.

Thus, this repetition of ayahs and surahs should be done consistently and repeatedly. The more you repeat the recitation, the better you can memorize them.

5. Make sure to use a similar Quran copy:

Whether you are learning Quran online or by the hardcopy of the Quran, to learn it faster and better, it is best to have a similar copy of the Quran as that of your Quran teacher.

The best way is to have a similar copy and his/her own as the child can relate to it in a better way. Since every mushaf has different places of different ayahs, it may become difficult for the learner to relate to every copy of the Quran. As the ayahs are in different positions, some visual learners who learn better by the position of ayahs might get confused.

Hence, among other ways of learning the Quran better and quicker is to ensure that the copy of the Quran that the learner uses is similar. 

There are some quesions that come in our minds and I would like to answer theme one by one.

How to learn Quran fast and quickly?

There are several ways through which the Quran can be learned fast and quickly. Firstly, find a quiet place and start learning the Quran by remembering small Surah and then moving towards others. Each passage or Surah that you are learning should be repeated at least for 20 minutes. Lastly, it is better to learn Quran with Translation if you are not familiar with the Arabic language. This will help you increase your  understanding and better learning. 

How to learn the Quran easily?

The easiest way to learn Quran is to listen over and over again to any Qari, who has recited the full Quran. Repeated listening helps an individual to learn better and repeating while listening increases retention. After listening to the passage to be learned repeat on your own. This will help you learn Quran with less effort.

How can I memorize Quran quickly?

Starting with the name of Allah and asking for Allah’s help, make yourself sincere and motivated to memorize the Quran. Then find a Tajweed teacher, who can help you read an accurate Quran and listen to your daily chapters. Take one standard size Quran to write dates or highlight your learnings. Additionally, for memorizing better always remember to follow 3Rs, RECITE, READ, and REPEAT. Avoid unnecessary activities and switch off your devices to concentrate on your aim.

How long does it take to learn the Quran?

According to general stats and assumptions, one can learn the Quran in 600 hours. As one page of the Quran can be learned in one hour and the total pages of the Quran are 600 (20×30). However, exceptions are always there, some individuals can learn the Quran within the stated period or even more than 600 hours.

How can I teach myself the Quran?

In the advanced era, you can join any course related to the learning of the Quran. There are several apps and online websites such as unique Quran Academy which help individuals to understand the Quran. On the other hand, make yourself familiar with the Arabic using dictionary and practice sounds through listening accurate recordings of Quran.

Easy way to learn Quran by beginners?

With an intention to learn Quran, the beginners should set specific times throughout their days to learn Quran. It is better to start learning short Surah and from the end of the Quran to speed up their memory. But if the aim is to learn the full Quran, the individual should start learning from the beginning of the Quran after practicing. Moreover, throughout the journey keep asking for Allah’s help and keep yourself consistent. It is advised to beginners to follow some systematic plan.

Finally, we conclude that Allah has made the Quran easier for His people to learn. Nevertheless, there are some ways, as discussed above, which can make this learning even easier and fast. Whether the learner is a child or an adult who wants to learn Quran, the ways are more or less the same. Hence, while the Quran is easier to learn, these can make it easier.




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