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Learn Al Quran Online Courses:

Learn Al Quran provides a lot of courses regarding the Quran at very reasonable rates. The detail is mentioned below:

1. The Basic Noorani Qaeda Course:

This is a simple introductory course to the Holy Quran. After learning the basic letters of the Quran one can move on to learning the text of Allah’s book with proper pronunciation.

Noorani Qaida Course is the most fundamental part in learning and understanding the basics of Tajweed for the Holly Quran and it comprises all the the important lessons for Quranic Recitation. The Noorani Qaida is a booklet, which starts from Arabic Alphabets and gradually leads to simple, complex letters, Quranic Ayah and rules for Tajweed. It’s the initialization of learning Quran for Non Arabic People.

 It covers the following:

  • Learning the Arabic alphabets & symbols.
  • Long vowels (Haroof Maddah), Tanwin, Haroof Linah and Noon Sakeenah
  • Ra and Lam Rules
  • Waqaf Rules (where to pause and where to stop)
  • Tashdid, Tashdid with Sukoon, Tashdid with Tashdid, Tashdid after Madd etc
  • The consonants, short vowels (Harakaat: sounds of Dammah, Fatha and Kasrah)

At Learn Al Quran, the Online Noorani Qaida Course is best suitable for kids and adults alike, as well as for the individuals who wish to learn how to read Quran from the very scratch with Tajweed.

Sisters can learn it from there home space with comfort with one on one methodology. In this course, Noorani Qaida online Course our professional Teachers will Coach students step by step from very beginning or fundamental to gradually on Advance level. With face to Face learning Methodology ensures close attention to students and their the problems, allowing them to pronounce Arabic / Quran correctly with basic rules of applying basic Tajweed.


Basic Noorani Qaida course is divided into several lessons, and following is the brief course outline to learn online:

  1. The Arabic Alphabet and their Correct Pronunciation
  1. Letters, joint and Compounds
  1. Consonants
  1. Short Vowels (Harakat)
  1. Long Vowels (Huroof Maddah)
  1. Tanween
  1. Soft Vowels (Huroof Leenah)
  1. Noon Sakinah and Tanween
  1. Horuf Mudd’ah o Leen Letters
  1. Rules of Raa
  1. Rules of Laam
  1. Noon Qutni
  1. Sakoon and Jazm
  1. Waqf ( Proper Pausing and Stopping)
  1. Arabic Letters With Correct Makhrij

This online Quran academy offers both male and female, highly qualified professional tutors that can help both kids and adults master the basics of the Noorani Qaeda.

We use Skype to teach the Holy Quran.

2. Quran reading with Tajweed:

This is another amazing course that allows the kids and adults to take the first step towards the recitation of the Quran. Tajweed is a set of rules that allows one to read the Quran with proper pronunciation of the Arabic alphabets.

The tutor will make sure the student learns to read and pronounce the text of the Holy Quran correctly and fluently.

3. Quran memorization course:

This is yet another course offered by the online Quran academy that teaches the Quran to its students by heart with proper pronunciation. It is generally believed that committing the Quran to memory with proper Tajweed is a very difficult task but according to this online academy it isn’t. All you need is focused concentration and Allah paves the roads of success for His dear servants.

One of the Best blessings a Muslim can acquire is to memorize Quran by Heart, infact it’s a miracle and blessing of Allah, that you are able to completely absorb Quran word by word and memorize it.

If you want to take this opportunity and wrap up blessing both in this world and the hereafter, you should strive physically to achieve and also strive spiritually to get the maximum benefits in this world and hereafter.

At Unique Quranic Academy, we provide an easy way to Hifz Quran and provides you with great benefits, that means your kid or you will be able to memorize it easily by heart.

We have a great experience of helping student by one on one methodology of learning Quran by Heart through our best online services, helping students learn verse by verse and finally leading to their destination.

In memorization of Holly Quran, here are the steps that gives you the most effective and sure way to get to the destination.

▪ New Memorization

Chunk of new lessons you will be required to memorize every day

▪ Newly Memorized Portion(Sabaqi)

The most crucial step, the Sabaqi, it generally is the total amount of verses you have memorized in the last 20 or 30 days. This crucial part determines the solid Memorization of verses you have learned are life time or not.

▪ Old Memorization Portion

This portion of holly Quran is the one you have learned, memorized and reviewed for at least 20 days to 1 month deliberately.

The amount of portion you review daily and recite back to teacher depends on how much Quran you have memorized. Once the whole holly Book is memorized, you will be left with old memorization portion only. This will continue for life time and keeping it solid in mind is a great responsibility.

Both male and female tutors are available and teach via Skype.

4. Quran translation course:

In this course, the highly skilled and learned teachers from the online Quran academy teach the Quran with its translation. This only makes helps the students understand the Quran better but allows them to focus on the Quran’s message. This leads to them practicing the commandments on the Holy Quran in their daily lives.

Quran and it’s translation are the most important courses, understanding the holly book is one of the most fruitful and must to do thing, since Quran teaches the divine way to live our life, reading and understanding through translation will helps one to implement all those Quranic Rules in our life.

Online Quran Translation Course provides us the best way to understand complete purpose of our life. Once the student will try to understand what meaning of verses are they will develop a natural interest in it making it easier to impliment in daily life.

Quran Translation Course Guide

Methodology for the Course is:

▪ Students will be delivered lectures through one on one Quran tutors, students will learn the meaning of Arabic Words on daily basis.

▪ The meaning of the verses would be made Understandable word by word.

▪ The detailed meaning of the verses is explained to the students.

▪ After the literal translation, the students will guide the contextual meaning of the words and verses.

5. Quran Tafseer Course:

Tafsir comes from the root word ‘fassara‘ which generally means to explain.

Quran Tafseer is exegesis of Holly Quran, that generally refers to critical interpretation and Explanations of it’s verses.

Quranic Tafsir is not to be done by any ordinary person, but a person with extensive knowledge of Islamic history and knowledge as it requires high level of intellect and understanding of Relevant subjects.

Tafsir objective is to find the true meaning of Quranic Verses, so the reader find the true meaning and message of Quran and benefit from it.

Tafsir is critically important and there are many reasons for it.

 Reading only the translation can give literal meaning of the words of Quran while Tafsir comes with context in which a specific ayah was revealed, this giving context to each and every word, which helps in better understanding of Quran and it’s verses.

This Tafsir of Quran is of immense importance, with the help of Tafsir a Muslim is able to connect the dots between Quran, Sunnah and sayings of Companion of Prophet (PBUH) along with the views of different scholars.

Unique Quranic Academy provide great services and our Tafsir course is highly effective in understanding Quran with Tafsir, online learning of Tafsir involves.

1.Meaning of Verses

2.Basic Arabic Grammar.

3.Understanding  of Ahkaam.

4.Ethics and Tajweed.

5.Application of Ahkaam

6.Shaan e Nuzool

7.Rabt b/t Surah


9.Ilmul Blagah

10.Qiraat and relation

11.Usul Tafsir

6. Tajweed course:

In this course, the teacher focuses on the rules of reading the Quran and its pronunciation. The tutor imparts the knowledge regarding the rules of reciting the Quran to the students and explains their significance. So that the student may gain confidence in reading the Quran with a proper grasp of the Holy Book. After this course, the student becomes capable of reading the Quran alone.

7. Islamic Studies of kids:

This course gives a comprehensive knowledge of Islam. It entails the following key points:

  • Basic Aqaa’id (Allah, Angels, Holy books, Holy prophets, Qiyamah, Jannat, Jahannam).
  • Islamic History, Sunnah, Manners, Islamic months, Fasting, Halal & Haram, etc.
  • Memorization of six Kalemas, Imaan-e-Mufassil & Mujmal, Ayat-ul-Kursi, Dua-e-Qunoot, various masnoon Duas, and small Surahs.
  • Taharah, Wudhu, Ghusal.
  • Training of five Prayers (Azaan, Name, and timings of prayers, Fard, Wajib, Sunnat, and Nafal payers).
  • Method of Jumuah, Funeral and Eid Prayers


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